25 september 2020, Nijmegen

It has been a while since I last wrote something on my website, sorry for that. I will give an update about what I’ve been up to the last weeks. Let’s start with some good news (for my international followers). Very soon my new website will be online, which will be in English.

This means from now on I will write my stories in English as well, starting with this one. For my American/British friend: don’t judge my writing! After nationals (my last post) I ran a lot of races through Europe. Started with a 1500m in Marseille, in which I could really feel I still missed some speed due to the longer training sessions I had been doing. Despite that, I still managed to run a nice PB of 3.37. I felt a lot better and faster 6 days later in Ostrava, in which I managed to run 3.36.01 and battle against some of the best milers in the world. This gave me a lot of confidence for next year, I might attempt doing a double at Olympics (1500-5000m).

After the race in Ostrava my plan was to end the season in Leiden with a 10000m at the Dutch National Championships. However, Rome Diamond League added a 3000m to the program pretty late, which shifted my focus and attention to that race. With fast managing skills from Dave Klink, he got me into the race. The pace was set for a time of 7.30, which was a bit too fast for me for this year. Despite that I tried following and managed to finish 5th in a big new PB of 7.39.75, the second best Dutch performance (national record is 7.37 from Gert-Jan Liefers). 7.39 might be my strongest PB at the moment, which means I might still be a 3000m after all. Because my recovery was pretty good, I decided to start at the 10000m 2 days later. The pace was set for 28.00 (thanks Soufiane Bouchiki for the perfect pacing). I followed Soufiane for 5.6km and then ran the rest of the race solo and finished in 27.59.10. A big new PB also since my last official 10k race was in 2018 when I ran 30.01.

A short summary of my season: PB’s on the 1500m, 2000m, 3000m, 5000m and 10000m, with a European leading time on the 10000m, and a national record (equaled) on the 5000m. What a great season I have had in this strange year. I could never have done this without the support of all the people around me. A big thank you to my girlfriend (Julia) for always supporting me and accepting the decisions I (sometimes) egoistically make. But of course also to my family, my manager (Dave Klink), my friends, my coach (Joshua Mols, my team, my medical team, my sponsors and all the other people supporting me. For the next weeks I will be focusing on my masterstudies and my holiday. Foppen OUT, for now.

Photo by ANP

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