5000m in Toulon

5000m in Toulon

27 februari 2021, Toulon

As I mentioned on my instagram, yesterday didnt go as planned. The pace was set on 13.10 (2.38/km) which was realistic in my eyes, looking at my recent results. It was my first track 5K since Monaco in August. The weather conditions were almost perfect, barely wind, nice temperature and good pacers. The track was ready for some fast times! The first K of 2.38 felt uncomfortable, which made me worry a little bit. After 5.17 on 2000m I knew it was going to be a tough day. Since that point I fought to the line. Tried to help out the others by take my turn in the front but I felt useless. It was strange to see that nobody ran really fast, makes me wonder if something was wrong with the conditions. It felt perfect, but the fast times didnt come!

The time 13.20.05 is bad in my eyes. Its strange how fast my opinion about times changes. Last year february I would have said that 13.20 is extremely fast. I have been spoiled with good performances, and forgot how “losing” feels. I came here to run faster than 13.13.50 and I didnt, that is a big disappointment. But I feel like this will make me a better athlete in the longrun. Being in this positive spiral of endless good performances is fun, but its not real life. It’s unrealistic to think that every race will be good, but somehow that is what I started believing.

I do have a hard time putting this race in perspective. Normally I am quite fast in dealing with my bad races, but like I said, I didnt have one in such a long time. I disappointed myself. I have also noticed an increased pressure I put on myself, being pictured as “the best 5K runner of my country”. People started expecting me to run faster than I did before, because that is what I have been doing every race the last year. A good lesson for everyone, nobody is untouchable. I also struggle. Using this as fuel to the fire 🔥

Photo by WK vision

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